How to apply an effect to several layers at once (a character, for instance)?

How do I apply an effect to a character that consists of several layers?

The Group function can’t be used since it would mess up the stacking order of the layers.

EDIT: OK, I experimented a bit and found an easy way to do it:

  1. Add a new Composite module in Network view
  2. Connect all modules that shouldn’t be affected by the effect (including Write and Display modules) to that new Composite module’s in port.
  3. Connect the old Composite’s out to the new Composite’s in.
  4. Insert the effect between the two Composite modules.

Use a Peg or do a group, alter the apparent order adjusting the Z axis when needed or ungroup the items after applying the effect. (In some, if not all instances, the formerly grouped items retain the effects applied while they were grouped, if ungrouped.)

Thank you again.

Does this mean that you can connect all drawing layers to one peg and then add the effect to the peg?

Will the stacking order remain intact, if I use the peg-method?

I have lots of layers and would rather not have to adjust them on the Z axis (unless it’s the only option).

EDIT: Not sure when you edited your original post and when you asked the question in the last post. The time seems to indicate that the last post came after editing the original post. If you still have any questions let me know.

Oh I’m sorry, I should obviously have said so – I edited the original post after my last post. If you can follow me (it’s getting complicated now). :slight_smile:

At any rate, everything is fine now, so thank you for your help again!