How to apply a peg just to the “Render Preview” node? - (possible feature request)

Hello :slight_smile:

I’ve made a simple example of what the problem is.

I have made a simple example scene to show what i want to achieve. I know it is very easy to achieve the goal in this simple example by adding the peg to the drawing instead of using a Apply-Peg-Transformation, or by adding the Render Preview underneath the Apply-Peg Transformation. However: in a more complicated scene i am working on, this does become a problem.

Let me know if you know a way! If not, let me know also. Maybe we could add it as an feature request…

Generally the peg info in the Camera OpenGL View and Render View
should match. You may run into some problems if your using some kind
of scaling effect on an image as it may scale from the center and perhaps
the image is offset from it. Perhaps it might help to center the pivot on the
drawing or perhaps re-orient the drawing to be in the grid center before
moving its position using the peg.

For anything more complicated you would need to contact support and
provide your project along with detailed info on where to find the problem.