How to animate light

I want to animate light in a way that it will show objects in the darkness. How do I do that?

Draw a Layer in black at least two times the size of your project file.
Cut a hole in the centre and apply a gaussian blur to it. Animate that Layer.

If you are using Harmony Premium you can also animate the light source.

6:30 is an example of a light-emitting object illuminating a character.

Thank you!

I have been stumbling about trying to learn how to do Light Shading, do what I call Faux Shadows, use Envelope Deformers to shape and animate shadows, etc. Adam Phillips videos on Light Shading are great and Kurt Jones Light Shading in Toon Boom Harmony course over on is very good too. I admit I am not good at all on the Light Shading yet, still trying to wrap my head around it, but I did try it a bit in this video that I just posted.

Maybe some of it might be of some help, I do start rambling some, the video is a little over 30 minutes long. I do have deep respect for people that can do these videos and have composure and sound so professional. I cringe when I listen to my voice and I use too many ‘basically’, ‘actually’ and ‘you knows’, I guess I just get nervous. Hopefully, I will get better at that. I did put chapters so people can skip to specific points in the video.