How to adjust sound volume in clips?

Is there a way to adjust the sound volume in imported sound clips? I’ve tried double clicking the sound, which brings up the Sound Element Editor, and I adjust the volume slider or drag the little markers up or down until the volume is where I want it…when I play it back in the Sound Element Editor, it seems to work, but then as soon as I exit that (after hitting “Apply/Next” then “Close”), is sounds the same as before I edited it when I play it back…like nothing’s changing.

I have a few clips that are too loud, and some that are too soft when I have overlapping effects…do I have to adjust the volume in an outside editing program, or am I missing something?

Hmmm… works perfectly here…
Please make sure that you adjust both “Envelope Marker” uniformly…
Dragging down will mute the volume, dragging up will increase the volume…
Then click “Apply / Next” and “Close” the Sound Element Editor…

For most of my Sound Editing I use either, Amadeus Pro, Audacity,
Soundtrack, Garageband, or Final Cut Express…


I’ve had volume issues too, not being able to make the volume stay.
Is there any way to show calibrations on the volume dial?
For example, if you want a character’s lever to be identical across the scene,
you have to :guesstimate" it in the sound editor every time. Is there a more exact method? ~ Justin

I’m having this same issue. And when I try to click apply/next it doesn’t apply to the layer and is reset when I reopen the box. As well when I scrub inside the pop up window it doesn’t even apply there. I pull a lot of late nighters and I don’t want to disrupt the room. For some reason toon boom is way louder than the rest of my apps.

Hi there. 9 years later. Has this issue been resolved? I’ve just encountered the same problem.

I’ve found that after you open the sound editor, you must click the waveform of the sound first before making adjustments with the volume slider. Then click “Apply/Next” and “Close”. Hope this helps :slight_smile: