how to add this sound

I want to add a song from a cd of mine how do i import it into tbs it doesnt seem to want to let me do this ???


What is the format of the file. Also, what did you use to put it on your computer. Some application such as Windows Media Player encode the file so they can’t be read by anything else then Windows Media player on your machine (certificate thing that is often asked). This is to prevent people to send their cd over the web.

Make sure that you are able to open it in multiple applications before importing it in Toon Boom Studio and also make sure that the format is supported by Toon Boom Studio (aif,aifc,aiff,mp3,wav,wave,au,m4a).

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I use iTunes for this sort of thing. Put the song into iTunes, then use the Advanced menu in iTunes to convert it to mp3 format (which is smaller than the usual aiff.) Then create a sound element in TBS, choose Import Sound from File, navigate to iTunes where you have your song, and open it.

ok thank you i will try that