How to add stroke to merged flattened shapes

I created 2 circles, like on pg 97 of user manual. There are no strokes because the shapes won’t merge when flattened. I want to now put a stroke around new shape but cannot figure out how. Any ideas?


Well, I’m still using Studio 5, so can’t speak about any other version.
From the Tools drop-down use “Feather Edges”, set the Number of Steps to 1, click OK.
Select the edge and change the colour…

should you use Animate as well ?
Switch to the Drawing-View / select your shape /
go to Drawing (top Toolbar) / Convert / Strokes to Pencil Lines.
Select the Pencil-Line / in the Properties-panel adjust the line-thickness
with the Pencil selection slider. If needed change the colour swatch as well.


Thanks again Nolan…that did it!!

I’m using TBS 7.1…I tried to download the demo of Animate Pro 2 but for some reason I get error when I try to install. I’m going to send TB an email.

Thanks again,