How to add special effects TB A1

I made a simple special tutorial in Toon Boom Animate 1, what do you think and what should I improve.

Stop the background sound…

First the positive, it is great to see another person making Animate tutorials. The more the better, it will improve the community.

On the bad
-Totally agree on the background music, it made worse because your mic is too soft, you need to increase the input levels.
-You need to explain what you are actually doing which you only do rarely
-Explain what you are trying to do and why
-don’t cut the bottome of the screen off

Also you should try to not duplicate kickstart videos because the first thing everything does (or should do!) is watch the kickstart videos. You should be looking to do something which adds too/explains better/in more depth than the kickstart videos.

Hope you can improve them and keep making but you do need to work a bit on your style and presentation.

Feel feel to be critical about mine if you want, I can accept critisim as well as give it :slight_smile: