How To Add Shot/Panel Numbers to Bitmap JPegs

Is there any way to EXPORT single shot images as Jpegs using the EXPORT > BITMAP feature AND HAVE THE SHOT AND PANEL NUMBERS appear in the top right corner of the frame? Currently I don’t see any options to add panel numbers unless I export as individual movie jpegs.I don’t want use the MOVIE feature to do this and have a million panels to organize and delete. We just want one Jpeg per panel so we can export shots to AVID for editing WITH THE SHOT AND PANEL NUMBERS appearing in the top right corner of the frame.Thanks!

OK, I figured out I should be using “Conformation” to export my images to the AVID for editing…But the Shot and Panel numbers are appearing cut off on the edges of the output images…How do I get the Shot and Panel numbers to appear inside the panels?

In PREFERENCES → IMPORT/EXPORT , there’s a POSITION option under BURN-IN which you can use to specify the location of the window burn. In our Avid workflow, we actually export bitmaps instead of using CONFORMATION. The benefit is, we customize the exported file name to include episode_scene_panel - eg: AB01_001_01.png. Also better than having all those unnecessary 00000000 in every file. Instead of doing the window burn from SB Pro, we just have Avid display the filename on screen - AB01_001_01. It does take a bit more screen real-estate vs SB Pro’s burn-in though.Hope this helps.-Johnny