How to add/remove frames at head and middle?


I know how to extend or shorten a scene at the tail end, but I can’t figure out how to add/remove frames at the head or in the middle of the scene.

I’m sure it’s something very easy, but I need help.

Also, I prefer to work in timeline view, not X-sheet, in case that makes a difference.



Certainly, thank you for your reply.

Adding frames looks like a simple procedure, now that I know how, but I’m afraid there’s an unforeseen problem.

I have a long and elaborate scene with many many levels, many pegs and many keyframes that shift various positions of various drawing elements throughout the timeline.

So, when I add frames, either at the beginning or in the middle of the scene, it does add frames where I want to, but what also happens is that all the levels get shifted all over the place. It doesn’t actually add new keyframes that end up repositioning the drawings. It also doesn’t slide the existing keyframes left or right of their corresponding drawings. The keyframes stay where they are on the timeline, corresponding to the correct drawings they should correspond to, but the drawings still get completely repositioned.

I tried everything, adding frames before selection, after selections and at the start of the scene. The results are always the same.

Thanks for your help, Lilly.

What worked for me is this:

1 - Made a master peg.
2 - Used the + sign to add frames to all layers.
3 - Then I tried to copy and paste the levels that I have extended in the save as version of the project, and here’s where things got out of whack again.

Although I carefully selected only the levels and keyframes I wanted to copy and paste from one version to the other, and did just that, it still threw some other layers out of whack. So, what I ended up doing is going back and forth form version A to version B and doing a copy and paste job for each layer separately. In other words, I was unable to copy and paste all the intended layers in a chunk. Doing it individually was time consuming, but now I’m done. However, if you could offer some explanation as to why I couldn’t copy and paste multiple layers at one, it might help me in teh future.

Thank you…

Scene > Add Frames Before Selection or
Scene > Add Frames After Selection

This should add frames on all layers. If you want to add on just one layer, then you can just drag the frames over and insert a blank drawing or delete the exposure.


Yes you’re right, that this function works on drawings and not on keyframes.

You can either make a selection and drag it over to move your whole scene, or you can use the add frames function and then move the keyframes over.

Or you can just collapse everything into a master peg and then use the + to add exposure and - to remove exposure, and this one works both on keyframes and drawing layers.


How were you doing the copy and paste exactly? Did you save a template in your library and then drag and drop it back onto the other version of the project? When you save a template you just need to remember that the structure of the timeline in the source has to be the same as the structure of the destination. If you have added or removed layers then it won’t drag and drop back on. Or if you’ve reordered layers, but the structure is the same, then it will drag and drop back on but it will look wrong.