How to add control points to a shaped deformation influence?

Hi everbody,

I’m wondering if there is a way to add more control points to a shaped deformation influence in Harmony (10)? The manual mentions that I can convert an elliptical influence into a shaped one and get more control points but isn’t there a way to actually add any points myself? I can select and delete single points so I hope I can also add points in specific areas?!

thanks a lot

Hi, Marco,
You can add control points by:
Displaying the trajectory in the Camera view, the default keyboard shortcut is [P].
Add a keyframe on the function curve and disabling the Lock in Time option.

Thanks a lot, but I guess you haven’t understood my question (or I haven’t understood your answer… ;o) ) I’m not trying to add controls points to a motion path (that’s what a trajectory visualizes, right?) nor do I want to add any keyframes. I was talking about the zone of influence when deformers are being used. When you have a deformer (e.g. a curve) and set its influence type to elliptic or shaped you can manipulate the control points of this influence shape. I can select and delete these points but I haven’t found a way to actually ADD points (the only chance seems to be using an elliptic influence and convert it to a shaped one in order to get more control points - which seems kind a weird… ;o) )


What you need to do is select the curve in the deformation chain and to be in “Setup Mode” (deformation button must be depressed). Then using the “Transform Tool” hover your cursor over the contour area where you wish to insert the control point and hit the Ctrl key to insert the control point.

thanks! The “Transform” tool did the trick! (Have to use the “cmd”-key on the Mac…)

thanks a lot! Works like a charm now! (You should update the help/documentation - didn’t find any hint for adding control points there!)