How to activate TBS 8

I bought TBS 8, downloaded it and then hit Try. Looks good but I chose not to activate it right away preferring to fiddle around with it for awhile.

So how do I activate it after i’ve downloaded it, tried it, paid for it (online earlier today). It’s now asking me if i want to buy it. I can’t seem to find a way to activate it with my license. Where is the activation page?

Hjaelp! Help! Chimi neepsharávriiki!


tbs8, ibook osx 10.6.8; dmg

As far as I know, TBS 8 needs an Intel Processor with Mac OSX 10.8 or later.
Did you download the full version from your Toon Boom “My Downloads” page.
Or, do you still use the Trial-Version ?

If the Activation Wizard doesn’t open automatically, open it manually.
It should be in Studio’s Application Folder / Tools.
With an active Internet Connection follow the Wizard’s instructions.