How to access these settings in TOON BOOM ANIMATE PRO?

This is meant for Toon Boom STUDIO, but I will this work in ANIMATE PRO???
I dont see the display option in ANIMATE PRO? Is it b/c it’s a PLE version?

Toon Boom Studio
You should disable some of the display functions in Toon Boom Studio which use a lot of resources from your video card.

To access these display functions, do the following:

1. Open Toon Boom Studio and go to Edit > Preferences.
2. Click on the Display tab and disable the following options:
Disable Hardware Acceleration (checked)
Disable Overlay (checked)
Smooth Textures & Bitmaps (unchecked)
Smooth Tools (unchecked)
Smooth Pegs (unchecked)
Use Small Tiles for Rendering Textures & Bitmaps (unchecked)
OpenGL Full Scene Anti-Aliasing (unchecked)
Select OpenGL as your Renderer

Animate Pro uses a different graphics engine from Toon Boom Studio, so you won’t be able to access all of the same options.

You can try going to the OpenGL tab in the Preferences window and making sure that the Real-Time Antialiasing and Full Scene Antiasliasing are turned off.