How the hell do i drag the peg keyframe?

On page 39 of the quickstart tutorial it says to select the peg, click the motion tool and drag the right keyframe east. No matter what i do it always moves the whole peg and will not drag out the keyframe. I’ve wasted a good couple hours trying to figure out what i am doing wrong and it is driving me insane. Yes I have the peg selected in the timeline window. please help.

Thanks, i hadn’t put a second keyframe

I’m having the same issue, and tried to watch the linked video. However, the linked video has no audio. I’m on a mac with the latest quick time. Any help here. Also, the tutorial is unclear as to which peg I’m to select. I’m guessing the OldMan’s peg.

Thanks :’(

Yes - me too. I am using a PC with Quicktime but cannot hear any sound on the “Panda Walking” tuition video. Pity cos it looks useful

Nolan generally does not record audio in his instructional videos. The only exception, I believe, is the lip-synch video.

Not sure about pc, but if you’re on a Mac and have a mouse with a scroll wheel you can press Control and zoom in and out with the scroll wheel. This might help a bit to see the names of the layers, etc., in the videos.