How should I...

Put together my animations. Meaning, should I create and render short clips that “build” on each other and make the final video in something like adobe premiere/after effects?

Create in harmony, a background scene. Animate this and export it.
Create in harmony the main animations for that same scene to go over the background(which will be looping).
And possibly create yet another video to go on top of those for effects.

Do this for each scene, and then take the final scenes together to form the final video.

Or is it possible/recommended to animate the entire video in toonboom. And is there a good way to manage or split my video as 1 project with multiple independant scenes etc?

I am new to toon boom and just trying to understand what would be good workflow with this software so I can avoid some potential limitations or setbacks.

I got around to this question because I have certain parts of my animation. In this case a background animation. That simply needs to loop for a few minutes. I see my options as, copy/paste these frames to keep it looping a while. Or export it as a separate videos, loop the single video and layer my other animations on top etc.

Hopefully that makes sense? Would love peoples opinions on the subject.

independent or hobbyist animations can be made any way the animator wants, but a good rule of thumb can vary from a few seconds to a long shot time on screen, it’s important have camera changes frequently to keep the viewers attention, to make making animations easier, base your scenes on 5 seconds or shorter, or longer for certain types of scenes, you can render 12 5 second scenes to make a minute, import into after effects and use the sequence option to cut down on manually adjusting the movie clips on the timeline, you can probably do the same on premiere pro, if you don’t want to spend a lot get, premiere elements with photoshop for around $100, it depends on how you want to make your animation, but you will have to render a lot of small movies and composite them, it would be a nightmare to render a long movie in Harmony on one timeline and then try to go back and edit a particular scene after

Lots of good tips, thank you for that.

Looks like I will be making many smaller scenes! I thought managing a whole project in toonboom seemed…intimidating to say the least haha. Looks like I will be using premier then.

On a similar note, How is toonbooms audio management?
Looks like I have two options, either import my audio into toonboom, or manage it with premiere/audition.
If toonboom is generally pretty good in this regards I see no reason to Separate all the workflow if not necessary.
Mainly voiceover/music and effects and such.

A last question, slightly off the topic of the rest.
Could someone point me in the right direction of which version I should be using?
Currently I am using premium. But if advanced meets my needs and saves me a few $$$ I won’t complain.

The things I am doing/animations deal with cutout animations. I also value having a good deal of art tools. Preferably removing the need to work in photoshop and other programs as much as possible.

I’m thinking premium is for me because of the cutout animation style, however if advanced is just as capable in that regards I probably wont use a good deal of the premium things such as the api, scripting probably a few other things.

You will have more options for synching audio with action especially speech through Toon Boom’s software.

All toon Boom software can be used for cut-out or frame-by-frame animation. Outstanding features of Premium which you might be interested in are the node based effect system, many effect modules and deformation tools. A node system enables you to do things impossible with a linear/layered system.

You could do plenty with Advanced. The things I mentioned in Premium facilitate the process and expand your capabilities. If you have the money and interest get Premium.

I may have missed it but it sounds like you are either using a trial or a subscription. In either case try out Advanced as well as Premium and make your choice. Go online and look for TB tutorials that feature a task done with Animate and Animate Pro/Harmony, the difference in procedure is the layer effects vs. node effects. Watch then duplicate the project yourself to get a feel for the two approaches. You could go the subscription route indefinitely until you decided which to commit to.