How should i treat those still areas?

Hi guys,
I’d like to create a limited animation like in Scooby Doo or Spongebob.
There are a lot of stills. I mean, a character may move just an arm or a leg and the rest of the body is not moving.
How should i treat those still areas?
I tried to put those parts on separate layers but the fill bucket can’t refer other layers. So I’m having troubles where the moving area and the still areas are touching.
If the tools are not made for this, probably this is not the correct procedure. So, what is the right one?
In the guide there are tutorials about tradigital animation, where everything is moving in every frame, but they don’t explain how to deal with parts that move and parts that don’t.
Thanks in advance.

Hey danieleR,

I think the answers you seek will be found within the Learn portal. I’m not certain which parts you already looked at specifically, but you might be interested in learning more about cut-out animation. Check out this area,, and specifically the Harmony Kick-Start course, followed by the Cut-Out Animation 1 and Rigging 1 courses. These will teach you how to create an animation ‘puppet’, and you’ll find it much easier to move just certain parts of the body.

Hope that helps!