How much time do you have to pay?

Hello, what happens is that I am new and the method of payment is very confusing for me, I hope you help me with my doubts.

Those who have paid for harmony could tell me:
1-What kind of payment do you recommend, annual, monthly or perpetual license?
2-How many days do they pay, those who pay annually?
3-How many months do they pay, those who pay monthly?
4-How is the perpetual license?
5-How do you send the harmony (package or software)?
Thank you, I hope you clarify my doubts.

It all depends on the money you can or want to spend and the use you’ll be giving to the software. If you have a project in which you expect to work just for 2 or 3 months and then maybe you have another project next year for another couple of months it makes sense to have a subscription only for the months you need the software. If you expect to work long term with the software it might make sense to buy a perpetual license, but you can still opt for a subscrition. The advantage of the subscription even if you work regularly and expect to continue to work with the software is that you don’t need to spend 1-2 thousand dollars at a time, paying an affordable (at least assuming that you expect to make money with your work) monthly sum. Also, you’ll always have access to the latest version of the software. The disadvantage is that you won’t own the software, but with a perpetual license you’ll eventually have to spend some more money if you want to upgrade for the latest version.

If you opt for a subscription, you will be charged, monthly or annually, until you cancel the subscription. If you want to purchase a perpetual license, paying in instalments might be possible but you need to contact the Sales department.

After you pay you’ll have access to a link to download the software and a license key to activate it.

Hope that helps.

Luis Canau