How Much Should I Charge for Animation?

Hi. I did my first animation gig for a hospital charity, and I’m not quite sure what to charge. So my questions is:
How much would you charge for a job like this if it was NOT for a charity? Your feedback will help me on any future non-charity related gigs.

I’ll give them a giant break (kids with cancer and all), but they have money budgeted for this… so I will let them pay me something.

I had to use pictures that the kids drew, create puppets of them in ToonBoom Animate Pro, and animate them. It is supposed to look like the kids made the animation themselves… so kind of rough… on purpose. :wink:

I created the some of the backgrounds, some props, and one of the characters. I was responsible for the narration. They gave me the script and someone else did the music.

The whole thing is 4min 4secs long (4:04). If you want to get a better idea you can see it here.

Pretty cool stuff. Must have taking a while to do that. Don’t know how much to charge though.

A good place to start is by determining how many hours you spent on doing the animation. From there, figure out what would be a fair amount to charge per hour, in other words, what you would calculate your time is worth. That should give you a good idea to base your quote on.

Check out the Graphic Artists Guild Handbook: Pricing & Ethical Guidelines:

Zeb has his own thread on this in the general discussion where he gives some very honest feedback on his freelance experiences.

I liked your animation. It was really cute and suited your goal.

Great animation.

Well, since it is the first time I’ve done a digital animation, and the first time I used Toon Boom Animate Pro at all… there was a pretty steep learning curve that I don’t feel right about laying on the customer. I don’t want to charge them for my education. :slight_smile: It took forever, there lots of mistakes, experiments… redos… The time I spend learning was an investment, and I won’t charge them for it.

That’s why I’m looking for a ballpark. Anyone? Can someone say how much they would charge (or how much they thing a friend of theirs would charge) for an animation like this?

It would be a BIG help. Thanks.

Robin, I think you are right in not charging for your learning to use the software. That makes sense. It is hard to say what I would charge if it were me as I appear to have more experience in animation. But I would say that, ballpark, you could ask for at least $1000. If you think that’s too little then bump it up.

There is so much more to animation than simply moving figures around. You have to plan what you’re going to do and how you will visualize it, the script, recording, rigging, animating, compositing, etc. There’s just so much creatively to do. About the only shortcut you used was the artwork that the kids did.

Having said all that, you shouldn’t feel badly or guilty asking for a decent amount for your work. If you were doing any other job you’d at least expect minimum wage or more for your work and animation is much more skilled than digging ditches. I saw the price list on your website and your rates were very reasonable in my opinion so I think you have a good sense of what to charge and can do so confidently.

By the way, I very much liked the animation! It was fun and fresh and professionally done. I hope to see more now that you’ve gotten over the initial “hump” of getting started. All the best!

Thanks Zebtoonz! This was a big help. And thanks for reminding me to update my website… sooooooo old.

You’re the coolest!

I am just learning the program and also really liked your animation. Very creative

I thought it came out well. :wink:

Reminds me of the Mission Tortilla Factory movie in Disneyland’s California Adventure.