How much can it take?

I’ve been working on a project for the past “few” months, and I was wondering how much ToonBoom 7 can take. The scene is only 38 seconds long, but I am putting my fair share of detail into it. I’m animating most of it in 2’s, then upping it to 24 fps for the slow motion parts. I’m saving those for last, needless-to-say. So, my question is… Will it be able to hold together so I can one-shot-it and put it up on YouTube? It will be 964 frames long with only a music track added. Here are some samples (the Vid is early progress, so be gentle) to show you what I’m working with… I’ve all but got the 24 fps shots done, and it seems to be working fine thus far. I just wanted to check and make sure I don’t go to save it one day and it be too much for the program to load back up… I’d want to die if that happened…

Hi, There,
Which operating system are you using ?
In windows, because of Toon Boom Studio is a 32bit software, so it limited the memory for 1.6G maximum. If it’s too big, you can separate the project to different part and merge them together in other video editing software.

I’m using widows 7. Thanks for the info on files sizes! That should help me gauge what parts I will need to cut/edit together. Also, I can’t seem to render an uncompressed avi that works properly. Could this be due to the size of the file? I’ve tried to delete all but the shot I want, and it still never renders correctly. It’s either really choppy or never works/loads right. idk, but investing in a good editing program might be my next move. I am, however, patient enough to render every frame and put it all together in a movie maker, so whatever works! That, and getting animate would be great too… 64bits and all! Thanks again for your time!