How many patches for TBS 4.0 so far?

I’m wondering how many patches have been submitted for 4.0 so far? Also how soon before we see another release, what could we look forward to in that release?

Hi Tiger,

So far 1 patch for Mac only. There should be one coming up (not 100% sure yet but most likely will be) for PC.



Can you say when this patch is being released and what will it actually fix.
I’m not asking for exact dates …just say in May or June etc.

Also will your next release be in 2008?

Yes, and how & where do I get this patch?



At the moment I must admit I have no clue exactly when it will be released. We are fixing some issues at the moment but have not yet planned any release.

As for the next release of Toon Boom Studio itself we have not yet started work on it (or barely start) so if it is not in 2008 I guess it would be in the first quarter of 2009 but this is pure speculation.

Finally Autlaw for the moment we do not make patch itself but rather new versions with fixes (that could be called patch). So basically when a patch is release you can go recover it by login in My Account on our website then access the My Products section and click the download link. Once there simply download the installer over again, uninstall Toon Boom Studio and install it again with this new installer.

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Thank you, Ugo.

Since I am still discovering TBS 4.0 (and the world of animation), I don’t really have a need for a new version anyway.

Well, the handling of imported & vectorized bitmaps and longer soundfiles could get a tiny bit user-friendly… :wink: