how many downloads


I bought the monthly student version of harmony advanced and am working on a project right now. I have installed harmony on my computer but have to work on another computer this weekend.
How often can I install this version? do i have to de-install an re-install it or can i use my license several times?

And what happens to my files? Can I simply take them with me on my stick?


You can install the software on many system at a time but the license can
only exist on one computer at a time.

To transfer the license to another system, you must first return
the license from the original computer before you will be able to
activate the license on the new workstation.

To do this, open the license wizard from the “License Tools” folder of
software using the options:
Manage Licenses
Manage Local License
select the license and hit the “Return” button.

After returning the license it becomes immeditely available to
be activated on the other system.

You can move/transport your projects safely by zipping the project
folder from its current location and moving the zip file to its destination
and unzipping it. Only edit project from the internal drive of the computer.
USB drives and external drives may not be responsive enough and risk
corrupting the project.