how make frames

I only just started with toonboom. Im currently checking out the trial version. So far Im finding it not very intuitive. I have watched some basic tutorials but they seem to have a different interface and the shortcuts they are saying to use do not work for me.

I am trying to drag the first frame by selecting it and pressing the R key to create more frames but the R key does nothing.
Can someone please tell me how to make more frames on Mac Osx? Thanks

If the drawing frame is empty, the r-key has nothing to move forward with…
Draw something (a little green square appears at frame one) then hit the r-key…
Hit the e-key to move backwards again…

Please check out “JK’s” excellent Article Series about Cartooning in Toon Boom.

A Good Place to Start - Part 1:

Jumping into Animation - Part 1:

The drawing frame is not empty. I have a sphere drawn. There is one grey frame not green?? Tuts are all green so not sure why mine is grey. But R key does nothing. Im proficient in After effects but toon boom I cant even figure out how to create a frame. I doubt I ll buy it at this stage.

Open Studio’s Preferences / Shortcuts / Element Menu / select Add Exposure.
What “Current Key” is assigned to that command ?

Otherwise, draw something at frame 1, move the time-slider to frame 100,
Right-click frame 1 (this should be the green frame), choose Extend Exposure…
Does that work ?

Firstly can I just say I am not new to animation and I am not new to software programs to animate so before everyone brushes me off as some noob with no clue please understand that I am not so dont link me to tutorials on animation 101.

There is no “element menu” in shortcuts preferences.
All the tutorials have green frame and everyone keeps mentioning the green frame but mine is grey??

Also i have a sphere keyframed at FRAME 1. I move it and keyframe at 60 but when I press play nothing happens. Just sits there.
Its becoming clear to me that this software is dodgy.

The trial is toon boom animate. is this a different version to the tutorials and to what everyone else is talking about? I really do not understand how a software program can possibly be so ridiculously difficult to understand the most basic features. Im using on Mac book pro OSX 10.8.5 intel core i 7 16 GB SSD AMD radeon hd 6750M

Well, you’re posting in the Toon Boom Studio Forum, everyone will think you’re using Studio.
Now, you’re mentioned that you’re using Animate (I presume Animate 3, or even Animate Pro 3 ?).

Here is the link to the Toon Boom Animate Forum:

You’re using the wrong tutorials… Look for Toon Boom Animate Tutorials…

Of course there is no “Element Menu” in Shortcuts / Preferences in Animate,
that’s only available in Studio…

The equivalent of Studio’s R and E shortcuts are + and - in Animate.