How long does it take to make a short film?

Hey there! So I have found this extremely good looking short clip from Princess and the frog:

I have fallen in love with the design of it and the graphics, they are absolutely perfect. Since I am rather a newcomer to Toon Boom Animate Pro, I could not even guess how long it would take to make something like this with Toon Boom. But I really want to make a short film in this type of fashion. Just out of curiosity, how long do you think it would take for one person to make a short film in the same fashion as this? Thanks!

I don’t have the answer to your question but I can relate to your goal.

I am also new to Animate Pro.

I love the first years of The Simpsons. The art is relatively crude compared to that example in your link but the character development and story makes up for it. I think these are the most important elements. Simon’s Cat is very rough and simple but the content holds up to anything IMO, for what it is. It is not a long movie or even a TV show episode. It is a few minutes of a theme with a story arc that completes with a pay off, most of the time. An episode of Simon’s Cat takes months for a team to complete.

Simon’s Cat:

Birdbox has done a few short animations with a lot of impact. They are very funny and clever IMO:

I think in terms of surfing and chase the excitement and ride out the wave and keep moving to other waves to remain excited about animating. I have a lot to learn. I gave myself permission to indulge in order to nurture and preserve my enthusiasm. It has helped me grow and I have learned a great amount that I would not have otherwise.

I am on my own accelerated journey. One thing I do is use this forum as a catalyst by seeking the answers and solutions for people. I might not come up against the same problem for a long time on my own particular projects however by approaching a random problem from nothing I have to understand more to recognize whether I have found the solution. It is yet another way to generate intense interest in learning a subject.

Doing it all solo will take a lot of time. I hope you can stay interested with each step. Make the projects shorter and attainable. Even a scene or one movement or gesture of a character for a scene is an end in itself to relish. I was excited when I animated a bone deformed blob. I personally have to have excitement about the mundane things if I am ever going to make something substantial.

Good luck!