How import Image in the original size

HI! i want to know how can i import a image (or video, or sequence of image) in his original size.
in alignment i have “fit” “pan” and “project resolution”, why doesn’t “original size”???


You can resize the image once you import it. You can select Pan for example and later from the Layer Properties (“Advanced” tab) from the Alignment pulldown select “As Is”.

Simple default methods are provided for the most-used options.

in harmony 10, the “as is” is NOT original size. there’s no way to have the original size in harmony 10… sadly :frowning:

Thanks rkriz!!! i would never find it!
but “as is” is not one of the most-used option?? i cant believe it, its the one that i use in the 99% of the cases

I second this. None of the provided options seem to reliably give you an import that has the exact size as the imported picture, despite Harmony obviously knowing the pixel size of your canvas. I worked at a game company where exact pixel sizes are very important and we almost gave up Harmony because you couldn’t measure anything in pixels.
The workaround that I ended up using for estimating the size of smaller elements: I imported pictures that are exactly as big as the canvas. If they fill out the camera exactly you would know that the containing object has the desired size.

i work in games too. and i have exactly the same issue than you… and i give with the same solution too! (create pictures that are exactly as big as the canvas).

Good news though: Just got my hands on harmony 11 and if you import sth as one of those new bitmap layers it has the option: “actual size”. Hooray! Haven’t imported a lot yet but it seems to be working :smiley: