How does Storyboard fit with other TB products?

I use Toonboom Studio, and I’m considering using Storyboard for my next project.

Once you layout your storyboards and time the animatic, is there a way to pull that project into TBS for timing purposes? Or do you have to start over?

i have toonboom sbpro4

in the export options it allows to export to: Animate/AnimatePro and Harmony

also this was posted on the forum for workaround to Studio

Re:Questions on base vs pro version


The regular Storyboard can only export to PDF and image sequence. You could use those images and the PDF as a reference to create your Toon Boom Studio project as you would with a traditional storyboard if you are to work with Studio.

If you have Storyboard Pro you could either export to SWF or Movie and recover the Storyboard in Toon Boom Studio to have the timing information added.