How does editing sound file effect memory?

If I’m working with an 11 minute long nat-pause soundtrack and I need to edit it a fair bit, will it cause significantly more playback lag than using shorter recordings of the individual dialogue lines?If I need to drag individual lines from the library to the soundtrack, it there any way to do them all at once?

Hi Paul,Having one long sound track should not be adding any significant lag in your project a long as you us it on 1 or 2 tracks.As for importing multiple sounds there is currently no automatic way to import a sequence of sounds in one single import, you would need to do it one by one.Best regards,Ugo

Thanks, Ugo. The studio I was working for was under the impression that dividing up a long nat-pause dozens of times (in a single soundtrack) somehow exponentially increased the size of the sound file more than using several short takes.

Hi,As long as you import the sound only once in your scene (the whole track is imported once then you do the cuts on that big soundtrack) I doubt you will encounter any difficulties with performances related to this.This being said I know we have been working on some issue with performance and sound for the upcoming release so make sure to check in for updates.Regards,Ugo