How do you specify an object's position and sizes?

How do you specify an object’s X,Y-position and its sizes (width and height) in pixels? Like in flash, you can change them in the properties panel, in pixels, or in percent. In the Layer Properties, i set the Position and Pivot to some new values, but it doesn’t change my object’s position. I know we can do this to the object with select tool and then move it, but i want to know what is exact position of my object in pixels (X,Y coordinates)? Is it possible to do this? I also want to do the same thing with sizes (width and height). Sorry for my English, hope you guys can understand me. Thanks

It’s not possible to specify a position or size in pixels, because of the resolution independence of the project. Meaning, if you created something that was 30 x 30 pixels, then you change the scene resolution to twice as big, it would scale it to be twice as large again.

We have submitted this as a feature request. Check out the following thread:;action=display;threadid=2934