How do you set frames of multiple drawings to hold the drawings for X frames?

I have a complex character with many drawings that land on different numbers and I have to revise a section of the animation in the middle of the scene. Lets say frames 105 to 130 in a 200 frame scene. How do I keep the drawings for all the pieces on frame 105 go to 130 (making the character hold)?

I can hit F6 to remove the keyframes but the drawings still change. Fill Selection and the square brackets are the only tools I know currently to switch between drawings.

Thanks for your time

If I understand you correctly, this is what I would do.First extend the scene length to whatever it is now, plus the amount of frames you want to hold the animation at.Starting at the frame you want to hold at, select everything (drawings, keyframes, everything) in the timeline to the right. If you release the mouse button and click again on the selected cells you can drag the mouse to move the selection. Move the selected mass until the first selected cell the frame you want the hold to end at and let go.If I read you correctly, you said you are using F6 to remove keyframes, By default, that is the key to set keyframes. F7 is used to remove them.

ah I meant F7 to remove, thanks.What you mention wouldn’t work because it would push the end of the scene when what I want to do is just get rid of all drawing and key changes on frames 105 to 130, creating a hold (where I can then fix the animation), while preserving the drawings and keys both before and after.

Thanks Lilly. Somehow it didni’t click that the F5-overwrite function was used to… well… overwrite drawings. The best way to do what I needed was to collapse everything inside the character, highlight only the frame that I wanted everything extended from, hit F5 and overwrite. Highlighting any more than the one keyframe complicated things.

I think you should just collapse all the drawings inside a peg layer (or if they’re already in a hierarchy just collapse them). Put a keyframe right before where you want the hold, then put a keyframe right after where you want it to end. Then select everything in the middle and hit delete. Now go to the last frame where the hold will hold to and then hit F5 and it will extend the exposure on all the elements.

Hope this helps!