How do you scale an image brought in as a reference to be used in the drawing view?

I’m guessing the answer to my question is “Why are you trying to do that?” but let me ask anyway. First I’m using Harmony 15 Premium. So I started a sketch of a character in the drawing view. I finished the sketch and while it was ok I decided a hand drawn sketch was better so I figured I could just import my .jpg file and use it as a reference on the drawing layer to enhance my sketch so I had something to work from. I imported my file but found that in the Drawing view my .jpg file did not fit with my drawing. I just assumed I could scale the imported .jpg picture so I could make it match my hand drawing. This proved to be a very wrong assumption. I can scale the picture but only in the camera view not the drawing view. This surprised me as I thought this should be a trivial thing to do. While I can scale my drawing to fit the picture, which is probably what I will do, it still leaves the question that there appears no way to scale a reference drawing in the drawing view to make it match with what already exists. Am I correct or is there something I’m missing?

You wrote:
I can scale the picture but only in the camera view not the drawing view.

I assume that you are using Transform tool or Scale tool to scale the picture in Camera view. These tools are made for animation by adding key frames so scaling a picture with these tools won’t change the actual scale of your picture. Drawing view ignores all key frames that’s why using these tools to change the scale of your picture won’t affect how it look in Drawing view.

So the answer is to use Select tool to scale the picture in Drawing/Camera views instead.

I’m clearly doing something wrong but I imported a .jpg and put in on it’s own layer. In the drawing view I see no way to select it. I have it soloed and everything else turned off. There is an exposer of the layer on the frame I’m on (1) and it is visible in the drawing view. I have the select tool enabled but it shows that nothing is selectable. I can expand the layer properties and change the scale but it has no effect on the drawing size.

When you import jpeg, make sure import as Toon Boom Bitmap Drawing, else your image won’t be editable in Drawing view.

To do this,
File > Import > Images…

In Import Options, on Import Image dialogue, choose Toon Boom Bitmap Drawing.

That was it!. Thanks much.