How do you render only the outline of a character that is made up of several shapes?

I was working on this ghost type character and I wanted to make the interior of him transparent but maintain the outline as non-transparent.

Basically its a character made up of several forms. The only solution i could think of was maybe to get the fully rigged character and use a color override to only render the fill, then use that fill-only as a cutter on the whole character to get just the outline by itself. Then composite that ontop of the transparent version of the character.

I KNOW that is an awful work around and there has to be a better way of “oh… just select this box here and it will flatten all the components so you dont see all the outlines normally hidden behind the fill of the other parts.” I just don’t know what that might be… I tried messing with the “pass-through” and “bitmap” and “vector” options of the composite, but I didnt seem to find any combination that worked.

Any help is appreciated.

Hi JackPaybackson,

I believe your work around would work.

Another thing you can do is have the lines of every drawing layer be cut by the Auto-patch of the other layers in contact with it. If a layer is being cut by more than one layer, add a Composite before the left port of the Cutter.
If you wanted some lines to not be cut by the system, you could copy and paste that specific section of the outline into the Overlay art-layer and connect an Overlay node from the drawing layer to the Composite gathering all that layer’s connections.

Here is an image of the nodal system.

Have a good day,