How do you outline text?

I’m trying to place a colored outline around white text, for a subtitle.

I’ve searched and there are some older threads, but, the movie tutorial is missing.

This seems like it should be an easy thing to do, but I’m having issues.


Using Harmony 14 Advanced

I’ve gotten to the point of breaking the text apart twice.

Then I convert strokes to pencil lines. I make the pencil lines bigger in tool properties.

But I can’t seem to make the inside and outside color different. Like, one black, one white. It only appears as one color.

Unpaint the letters so that there are only outline strokes.
Now Repaint the letters again (Yes, I know…)
Select the text and from menu-Drawing-Convert-Strokes to Pencil Lines.
Make the pencil lines black and fill the inside with white.