how do you offset a template animation when placed on timeline?

Hi Everyone,

I’ve made some progress since my last few posts. I’ve also learned a few things which I’ll be happy to share once I get caught up with work and have time to write it all up.

I’ve now moved on to animating and trying to reuse template animations I have created. It works great but the problem I’m having now is that
when I drop the saved template animation to the timeline it makes the character jump back to the location the animation was originally created and plays it from there! What I was hoping is that it would play that animation offset to the new location he is sitting in the camera view.

I’ve included some images below:

here is lil wikki at the start of the jump:

on his way:

at the end of the jump:

notice the time line. the lower pink row of exposures shows where the animation ends

Now when I try to drop in the template created from this same animation sequence to continue jumping forward instead he snaps back to the original start location and then repeats the move.

Anybody know how to fix this? I imagine there must some simple offset button or something that i press before dropping the template to the timeline?