How do you move something?


I have ToonBoom Studio 8.1 and decided to give it another go. I have made some drawings. Now I want to select it and move it. The selection went well but its not moving. I can transform the shape but not move it? Am I missing something?


I’m assuming that you are correctly working in Camera View do animate your drawing elements. If that’s the case, can you confirm that you are repositioning your drawing in different frames (i.e. different times) along the Timeline? For example, in Frame 1, add a Keyframe (press “i”) to set the starting position. Then go to Frame 5 and move your drawing to a new position (this will automatically create a Keyframe in Frame 5), and your drawing should move when you hit the Play button.

Let me know if I’ve completely misunderstood the issue.

Good luck!

Hi TheCubiclite

I had a head and body I drew and I rezied the head. I went to rejoin the head to the body and could not move the head. I went to the center of the head selection until I got the 4-way arrow thingy (sorry) and clicked and tried to drag but it wouldn’t budge. After awhile of trying I was able to click on one of the highlighted lines in the selection and ulimately move the selection.

Thanks for helping me. :slight_smile: