how do you move multiple elements at one in function editor?

As you can tell I am VERY new to ToonBoom and do not have enough money to purchase lessons, anyway, I am trying to move an element up and down, I know how to do that part, but its multiple mouth elements will not move with it, how do I move more than one element at the same time in function editor? thanks for the help!

You could make them a parent child maybe? I find it kind of hard to understand exactly what you are trying to do.Fear not on the tutorials. Toonboom has a load of free Animate video tutorials. I have a fair few free Animate tutorials. Adam Phillips on youtube has some free Animate tutorials.There are plenty of resources :slight_smile: You come to the software at a good time because a LOT has changed over the last year in terms of availability of resources.

You probably want to add a peg layer to those multiple elements to control their position.