How do you move a scene?

Sorry for all of the questions… but I can’t find an answer anywhere on the entire internet on how to do this absolutely basic thing:

Re-arrange/move scenes

Is it impossible? I’ve tried selecting and dragging a scene but it just grabs the panels.

Thanks :wink:


To move scenes you must select all the panels in the scene and move it to the new location.

Keep in mind your VO files will move as well, and so will everything further down your timeline. So it’s all a question of managing well to avoid messing up what’s already done and working.

FYI - I generally build my scenes after I’m done with my panels. Meaning I split into sequences but I draw all my panels first and then later split into scenes. I find it faster when building story/pacing and then I just build my scenes.

Anyway, hope it all makes sense and will be helpful.



woa, that’s kinda defeat the purpose of having the storyboard? :smiley: It can’t even do that basic thing of drag and drop a scene?!