How do you make them speaking character things???

Just wondering becouse i dont really know

OK Jake I’ll try to give you a simple explanation, but this is still way too general a question.

Animation is done by presenting a sequence of pictures. Each picture in the sequence is slightly different from the previous picture. So to create the illusion of a character speaking you would have the character’s mouth change into different shapes in your sequence of pictures. Now if you look in a mirror while you are speaking, you will observe that your lips and facial muscles, teeth and tongue all take different shapes and positions depending on the sounds you are making.

So it has been established that using a set of 8 to 10 mouth shapes you can pretty much simulate the appearance of making all the various sounds needed to make a character look like they are speaking. Here is a chart of general mouth shapes that can be used.


Just don’t be confused by the use of letters in these mouth charts. The letters represent sounds. So as you listen to dialog, listen for the sounds and begin to relate your facial muscles to how you make those sounds. You don’t speak in letters you speak in sounds. You spell with letters.

So you can listen to dialog as it is spoken and break that dialog down into sound patterns called phonemes. As you break down the dialog you will determine at which frame in the sequence each sound occurs. Then you set your character’s mouth positions to line up frame wise with the sound sequence. That’s called lip syncing. And that’s how to make a character look like they are speaking. -JK

Thanks JK
And can you change the TBS files to PNG???

You can export a single frame as a snapshot in PNG format or you can export a movie as an image stream in PNG format. -JK