how do you make smooth movements of object ?

i assume you use keyframes, but for me it seems not to work

i have a drawing and i can move only by animating frame-by-frame (F5 and then :duplicate: when i need to have diff object

can you tell me if i can move a certain object like in After Effect with keyframes and how basically it is done



To animate using automatic interpolation by keyframes you need:
1-Check if you have your Animate preferences in: create motion keyframes by default.
2 - Should extend the exposure of the frame element to the action required
3 - Select the icon animate, in order to generate keyframes in automatic mode.
4 - Create a keyframe at the beginning (F6) of the action and move the cursor in the timeline until the final frame required for the motion.
5 - Use transform tool to move the element in camera view to its new position.
This way you should be able to see your animation with keyframe interpolation.
Motion keyframe button, and Stop Motion button can be choosen to interpolate the action or make not changes between keyframes. Hope that helps.