How do you loop a chaacter made up of multiple elements?

Hi all,

I’ve had Toon Boom Studio for a few years but I’ve only just started to try and get to grips with it. I suspect I’m attempting stuff beyond my current skill but, hey, that’s the only way we learn, right?

I have created what is basically a walking egg made out out multiple pegged elements and I want to loop it so I can add it to the template library for a larger project. I have grouped the elements into one peg (I think that makes them ‘children’ right?) but not knowing how to loop, it just plays once. I want to loop the elements so I can animate the character across the screen.

What would the next step be, please?

Matt ???


One way to do it would be to make a template of the full cycle (minus the last frame) and simply drag that template over and over at the end of the cycle to repeat the action.