How Do You keep pivot points from resetting?

I’ve just spent hours setting the green pivot points, putting key frames on everything, and now suddenly they have all reset back to the default position, not just the blue pivot point, the green ones as well.

This has happened several times before. For no apparent reason. Suddenly everything is reset. I thought once you’ve set the rotational point and put a keyframe on, they were locked. But mine keep resetting. It took hours and now I have to redo it all because I had deleted the circle lines on the joints and painted everything.

How in the world do you LOCK THE GREEN PIVOT POINT?


The green pivot point of a Drawing level is a value of the level. It should only change when dragging it with the rotate tool or changing the value in the properties.

One thing that can reset it is to call Remove All Keyframes. This will reset everything including the pivot points.

Something else to watch out for is setting the pivot on the parent peg level or on the drawing level itself. The right one has to be set depending on which one is used for the rotation.

I have studio 5 and I did my first pivot point on the right arm. How do I move the green pivot to the left arm without changing the right arms pivot? Every time I move the pivot to the left arm it brings the left arm along with it.

Try reading this tutorial, I think it will help you to better understand pivot points and how they work. TOONBOOM BASICS PART 2

Also, it is important to recognize that every unique element (layer) has its own unique pivot point therefore because a part of your right arm is going to be a different element from a part of your left arm, they can’t use the same pivot point. It should make more sense after you study the tutorial. Hope this helps -JK