how do you import your own characters into a scene?

im able import from from other things, but it wont let let me import my own character within the program. i using a boned character by the way dont know if this makes a diffrence. please and thank you.

Just to clarify, when you mention ‘file’ and ‘library folder’ I just want to make sure you’re not copying/moving things in the OS folders or file system (doing it outside of Toon Boom Studio). I hope that’s not the case.

Can you confirm that you are saving your character to the library from WITHIN the program using the Library tab/pane by selecting and dragging your character element to the Library? You can refer to this video for some examples of what I mean:

when i click and drag it blocks me from putting it in the library.

Do you see the file in the Library when you are trying to bring it into the other project?

Are you absolutely certain that you are going to the same folder the project is stored in?

What software did you use to create the character?

In case you do not realize, you import Toon Boom Studio drawings through the Library, not through Import under File in the top menu bar.

I used toonboom to create my character. i tried imorting it to the library but when i open it through toonboom it does not register it.

Was it created in the same version of Studio you are trying to import it into?

A seperate scene within studio. ive Have tried putting the file in the library folder, but it does not show up when I try to import it.