how do you import from Photoshop?

I plain and simply don’t know how to import files from
Photoshop. Their is an import illustrater feature on TBS V3 but i don’t see anything about importing anything from photoshop. If anyone can help me out that would be great. ???


Well, Photoshop is mainly a “bitmap” or “raster” program,
Illustrator and Toon Boom Studio are “vector” programes.

So even Toon Boom Studios very powerful import abilities
can’t handle .psd-files.

If you create your image in Photoshop and save the file
as Photoshop.PDF you might be able to import this file
via Toon Boom Studios Illustrator import.

I presume a much smarter way would be to draw either
In Illustrator or directly in Toon Boom.



I’m away from my copy of TBS at the moment, but I think if you try right clicking in an “Image Element Layer” (not a drawing element layer) and importing a file, you’ll easily import what you need - even a sequence if you need to.

To cover your bases, save your psd file in a few other formats to see what results that might yield. I’m sure further reading into the included help files will give you solid answers.

Best of luck,


Sorry if I have misunderstood your question.

I was refering to find a way to bring your own drawings
done in Photoshop as drawing-elements into Toon Boom.

Of course if you just want to import your Photoshop-image,
maybe as a static-background-image, just save it into a format Toon Boom supports –
(I presume these are: jpg – png – bmp – gif - tiff - psd -
maybe even a few more).

To import your bitmap select Element add Image (or click the image button
In the Exposure-Sheet) control-click(Mac) the first frame and choose
Import Images / from File.