how do you fit transforms into your workflow?

I’m just starting to add the body movements to my scene and I wondering when you would recommend for the workflow. I was going to start with the major movement of the body and then work on the limbs. After that, work on the face and eyes and then do lip-synching last.

Is that a practical path to animating a puppet? Working from largest detail to smallest?


It is whatever works for you.

Personally I use a stick figure to sketch the key poses then use that for pacing.

I tend to add facial features/lip sync first since they are the most important part of the scene.

That is the great thing about Animate is the choice is yours. There isn’t really a right or wrong, just what works for you.

You can even mix, like do some basic face stuff, then animate body and move back to face to add more detail, then retweak body etc.