How do you export a movie file that supports transparency (black) in the background in Windows.

So I have a class that is working on a collaboration of a Harmony project and each of the animators is exporting their characters as a .mov file as the classroom computers are all Macs. This works perfect as I had them go into the movie options on the export and make sure they pick the Animation Codec so it will convert the image sequence plus audio into a .mov file with transparency. That imports perfect when you select Straight for the alpha on the import and all works well.

So… my machine is a Windows laptop and I thought I’d try on my machine but found I can ONLY export in windows to a .wmv file for a movie which does not support transparency. Is there some other way to do this? The reason I’d want a movie and not a sequence of images is there is an audio soundtrack and you obviously want to keep that in sync.

On Windows if you want to export to .mov movie format you would
need to install Quicktime player. Otherwise you could use an editing
software to convert the .wmv movie or audio file with image sequence
into a movie file.

I know that but 1) QT on windows is no longer supported with any OS past Windows 7 2) QT for windows is a big security risk… see point 1 3) Even when installed you have to run in compatibility mode which… given what windows has been doing lately in breaking their own OS does not give me a lot of confidence.

What I’m curious or wondering is what do people do working with Harmony on Windows machines do when they need to composite multiple animations together. As you suggested I am guessing the next best thing is to export a .png or .tif sequence of images that will support transparency and then export the audio only either into a .wav file. The timing should, in theory, work out correct.

I’ve been asked if it is possible to export a video from After Effects with a transparent background as an MP4 so it can be used in a web application (HTML based). My knowledge of video editing is very basic and I have no coding knowledge but I don’t think this can be done.

The short answer to mp4 and transparency is no. This is a limitation of the video codecs supported by the browsers: mp4, ogv, and webm do not currently support alpha channels.

I’m running QuickTime on Windows 10 and I’ve never needed it run it in compatibility mode.
This could be a byproduct of the security software you’re using.

Animators needing to composite multiple animations together generally use a video
editing software to do this. For example you may have individual voice track that you
use for lip synching or have low-resolution proxies in Harmony. For the final edit you
might switch to the combined, high-resolution audio on a single track.

For the movie formats themselves, editing softwares would provide much more choices
including professional video codecs that Windows Media Foundation and QuickTime
don’t provide.