How do you change multiple layer properties?

So as we know, in the node view, we can select a layer property by clicking on the yellow square button, or simply go to Layer Property if you have it enabled as one of the window options. I wanted to change the property of multiple layers each with the same parameter, but it only lets me select one layer at a time. So is it possible to select and change multiple layer properties?

This is what you would use scripts for. For example, I use scripts to change all layers to use embedded pivots on parent pegs. Just select all nodes and press the specific script button and it’s done. There are included scripts you could use or you can write your own. If you don’t know much about scripting, maybe post what parameter you want to change and a scripting genius could point you in the right direction?

Thank you so much! This will speed up my work significantly. I didn’t even know much about scripting until you pointed it out and I will definitely give it a shot as the next big thing I need to master. In terms of what I need… I need to change the position of multiple layers, each of its x-axis to follow the expression set in the Expression Column to that of 0. In simpler terms, I simply need to change the position of the multiple layers, more specifically its x-axis position.