How Do You Boil Lines in Toon Boom?

Greetings, all!

I was wondering if there was any CLEAR way to “boil” my drawings in Toon Boom Harmony (as opposed to drawing the same drawing over and over again). It is very easy to do in Adobe Animate, and being that Toon Boom is the superior product (to me anyway), I was wondering if there was a way you can do it on this program too!

Here’s an example of boiling line-art here:

If anyone knows how to do this step-by-step, it would be greatly appreciated!


Hey I seen it but there’s no information on frame-by-frame animation with drawing layers. Any idea on how I can do that?

short answer, yes.
longer answer: i don’t have it at my fingertips; about to look for it again myself. a few yrs ago i tracked down some understandable demos of it and bookmarked them; now i have to go find them again.
there might even be a couple of ways; as i remember they are a bit tricky and involve moving the texture around, so the line edges always form a new bumpy edge, causing the vector lines to appear to boil.
i’ll be joining you on your search shortly!

(in the past i simply reverted to the old fashioned way of duplicating 3 frames, changing up some of the lines, copy/paste a few frames until i get a random sequence that’s a second or so long, and then copy past increasingly larger sequences until i have it the whole length i need.)

Yes, thank you! I admit it’s been an aggravating experience for me. Any help is appreciated!

there are at least half a dozen threads on this topic in this forum that might be useful.