how do shots/panel/scenes and layers in SBP relate to projects in Animate 2?

Just upgraded to Storyboard Pro and have a question about how the export to Animate 2 will work. I’m still going through the tutorials so I haven’t tried it out myself yet.

The central concept of SBP seems be the panel. This is what other the “shot.” Within a panel, you can put multiple “cuts.” Is that the right term?

When I do finally export to Animate 2, what will the relationship be between panels and projects? From what I’ve seen and read, I think that it will be one-to-one.

Audio tracks will migrate.

What about layers? Will they go across or will they be flattened?

Actually you have the Scene which could be called Shots depending on your preferences settings. Within that scene you have multiple panels. When you export to Toonboom products it will create one scene per scene/shot of SBP. The layers will be flattened into a bitmap. Basically the export creates a Quicktime animatic movie that then is imported and broken into individual images in Animate. It brings the sound corresponding to that scene and the camera move.

The “one scene” is actually a TBA project? One project per scene?

Yes, exactly. One project per scene.~LillyToon Boom Support

Thanks. One more question to make sure that I understand this.If I have a sequence that’s dialogue cutting between closeups of two characters’s, would that be multiple shots or multiple panels in a single shot?

It might help you if you switch the terminology to “Animation”. In your Preferences, if you go to the General tab, you can switch from Live Action to Animation.If you do this, a shot will now be called a “Scene”. This makes more sense when we’re talking about animation, because a Scene can be made up of multiple camera angles. So if you had a dialogue where it’s cutting forth between two characters, those would be multiple panels in one scene.~LillyToon Boom Support

Sorry to disagree but normally every time you change camera position you have a new shot. So in your example every cut to the other character will be a different shot/scene.The panels are sub division to explain better the actions that might happen during that camera position. For example we have character A facing us in scene ONE and he lowers his head this way in panel one, then on panel 2 he turns lefts. Then cut to scene TWO, panel 1 for reaction of character B.When you export this you will end up with 2 scenes in Animate. The first one will have the pose of panel 1 and 2. The second scene will have only one panel in it.

But animate does not have scenes, so will it be 2 .anim files or all divided in the same timeline?

2 .anim files. :)~LillyToon Boom Support