How do I?

What tools do I use in the GUI to peg a drawing for animation. I have watched the videos. I don’t know how to disect the toon into different parts. this is so frustrating. I cant beleive there are no step by step “dummy” instructions. when i bought the program i clicked on the 400 page manual to buy. But there is nothing. I am a photographer and artist. Not a computer guy. I spent all this money on this and cant to sheet but draw everything frame by frame. Thats not going to cut it.
Please for the love of god write a manual for EVERYTHING this program can do.
So many Ideas and no way to get them out.

Hi Hazard,

There is no actual tool to peg a drawing. It needs to be done in the Timeline and the tools have no effect there. To peg it what you need to do is create a peg element and then select your drawing element and drag it on the peg. This will attach it to the peg.

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Asked and answered HERE previously.

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I don’t mean to upset. As sure as i know you dont mean any harm either. You have been a great help to me.
I am a total simpleton when it comes to this subject of animation. I didn’t understand or apprieciate the tech know how it takes.
But I am learning little by little.
I am a 29 yr old that runs a restaurant for a national chain. I have also studied and began to teach Kung Fu over the past ten years.
But this way of thinking, is new to me. So i ask a direct question for the answer i need.

Haha! Another restaurant manager turned animator! Lol I feel your pain :slight_smile:

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