How do I Zoom a Camera in and out more than once??

you know the little red bar? well I can’t add key frames in it and I can’t make another one. I’ve tried adding a new camera, but it stays on that same camera for the whole movie… do I only get one zoom per scene? cause thats my problem. I don’t know how to zoom in and out more than once, in a scene. sorry I’m asking so many questions :frowning:;action=display;threadid=2889

That’s a recent thread about the same issue, it should have what youre looking for

when I went there, I couldn’t find what I was looking foor :frowning:
I just want to know how to zoom in and out more than once in your movie. While you’re animating. you know what I’m saying?

read this quote & check out the article linked in it.
Also check the manual’s section on camera moves.
hope it helps

ok I think I get it now thanks for helping :slight_smile: