How do I view the rest pose of an animated puppet?

I’m very new to Animate but I like it already. I spent the day creating various walkcycle templates for a short I’m working on with the intention of going back and drawing the body parts later. I am finding it a bit difficult because I am not able to restore the puppet to the default standing pose without erasing my keyframes. Is there some way to hide or disable the pose?

Well a few ways

you could just key the animation default in the first frame so you can copy and paste it.

Probably the better method is just drag it into the library as a template.

That was very quick, thanks. I had a fundamental misunderstanding of what a template and a symbol were. Once I got that figured out things went smoother.

in your network view highlight all the stuff you want to 0 out animation on and hit Shift+ R this will reset them all to default.