How do I update my toon boom from 16 to 17?

Hello! I had bought the 16 version of toon boom and noticed they updated it to 17. But when I go search for it, it just let me try or buy it. How can I update my own version?

I made more than one account on toon boom and I really don’t remember if this one is the one I used to purchase toon boom, so if I need to enter with the account where I bought it, is there a way to discover from the program itself at what name I did purchase it?

Thanks for your attention!

If you go to My Account > My Downloads you will see the license you purchased, and in Manage My Subscriptions if you have currently a subscription. If you’re entitled to an upgrade you should see the installer for the new version there. If you have a perpetual license and want to purchase the upgrade you can do it via the Upgrade Centre: