How do I Update character changes from template

I have an animation in Animate 1.
My character needed to be changed so I made those changes to the character template, closed everything out and opened Animate back up expecting the changes to take place.

But they have not.

I tried to use Paste Special but it just creates new layers in the master peg.

How do I get a character in a scene to upgrade to template changes?

I don’t think you understand. I don’t want my template to update itself to the changes that I made to the stage character. Its the other way around. I want the stage character to update to the changes made to the template after I "edit template."

I made changes to the original template and I want my stage version to update itself to those changes.

Someone suggested that I paste special my edited template into the stage peg which means the updated template layers now have a number at the end of their names and now I have to paste special all the key frames for the arms and legs of the old stage character into the layers of the new updated stage character.

Seems a bit tedious no?

Shouldn’t I be able to drag and drop my edited template into the stage peg of the old character and the old one updates itself but retains all the action keyframes?

Thank you Lilly on your instruction for making an action template.

I’m relieved that if a template change takes place I can just drag the action onto the changed character. Will I have to drag it i

I will certainly make a features request but your option makes perfect sense.

I had a pallet problem but I did not import the pallet as I should. That might have been easier. What I did was edit the template making sure that all strokes were from the character’s pallet. I temporarily changed the line colour to blue and any black lines that showed up I knew weren’t from my character’s pallet. I changed them, then made the line colour black again. When I brought the edited character back into my scene the line drawings were right not red like before.

I learned to be careful to ONLY use the character pallet when making on the fly touch ups. No more newbie errors.

Thank you.

Unfortunately this is not the way that it works. What you can do is you can save your keyframes as an Action template and apply the animation back onto your new template, but you can’t just update a template that’s in the stage. You might want to suggest this as a feature request in the feature request section of the forums.

If you do want to create an action template, then you can select the keyframes on the right side of the timeline then drag and drop these into the library.

Now, if you drag and drop your new drawing (master) template back into your scene, as long as your new template matches the same structure as the old one, you can drag and drop the action template back on top of the right hand side of the timeline of the new template. Now when you do so, before you let go, hold down the Ctrl key then let go to bring up your paste special options. Then go to the Advanced tab and select “Do Nothing” with the drawings. Keep all the keyframes selected and it will copy and paste the keyframes without changing the drawings.

You’re the one who just had the problem with the palette though, correct? Did you try importing the palette into the scene? Probably easier than copying and pasting the keyframes onto your new rig.


You’re welcome! Let me know if there’s anything else I can do to help. :slight_smile: